Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Online Communications

View from within Johnson Sea Link

The OER Web Team is responsible for online public outreach about ocean exploration activities supported by the program. The team maintains the Ocean Explorer website, chronicling exploration missions through background essays, daily logs, photos, videos, and (where applicable) live video feeds. The website also serves as a delivery platform for educational materials such as lesson plans developed by the OER Education Team and for fun, interactive elements and facts for visitors interested in learning more about our ocean. 

The Web Team is also responsible for maintaining OER's social media presence, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr accounts. The Ocean Explorer website had nearly seven million visits in 2012 and is on pace to receive at least 10 million visits in 2013. This, combined with a strong, interactive, and ever-growing social media presence, is ensuring that members of the general public are educated and informed about the importance and value of our ocean and are aware of the work of NOAA, OER, and partners, capturing their imaginations to reach people in all corners of our planet. People may visit the Ocean Explorer site and follow us on social media for the "wow" factor, but our goal is that they leave with a better understanding why the ocean – and its exploration – matter.

Ocean Explorer is the public online face of ocean exploration for NOAA, chronicling expeditions supported by OER and delivering science information for the public, educational materials, engaging photos and videos, and more. In 2012, the site received nearly seven million visits; traffic to the website for 2013 is expected to surpass 10 million visits. We put information into the hands of the public where and when they want it. 

Twitter: OER uses the micro-blogging service, Twitter, to keep fellow tweeters informed about ocean exploration activities supported by OER and beyond. Tweets are made daily (or more often, if applicable) and typically include a link back to the Ocean Explorer website where followers can learn more about a topic. Additionally, the office occasionally hosts TweetChats to allow followers to interact with expert ocean explorers. Twitter users can follow us via @oceanexplorer. 

Facebook: OER uses the social networking site, Facebook, to keep users informed about activities of the office and of partners. Posts are made daily and typically include a photo or video with a link where interested users can go to find more information. Our Facebook page is a great a resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the ocean and/or wanting updates about future ocean exploration activities. 

YouTube: OER uses the video sharing website, YouTube, to bring exciting ocean exploration videos to a broader audience. The Ocean Explorer YouTube channel is currently the most popular YouTube channel within NOAA, offering breathtaking videos of our underwater realm.

Contact Information for OER website/social media

Emily Crum
33 East Quay Road,
Key West, FL 33040

phone: (305) 809-4700  x 224

Or submit your questions to emily.crum@noaa.gov