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The OER Education Program is committed to continued assessment of program effectiveness/direction and to staying the course on future directions of NOAA and efforts in ocean science literacy at the national level. As such, OER Education offerings are formatively and summatively evaluated.

In fall of 2003, NOAA's Ocean Exploration (OE) Program began conducting Professional Development Institutes (PDIs) as part of the OE objective to "reach out in new ways to stakeholders to improve the literacy of learners of all ages with respect to ocean issues." The PDIs were conducted with a network of partnering institutions or Alliances Partners. Surveys containing quantitative and qualitative affective and demographic items were administered pre and post to participants in the Learning Ocean Science through Ocean Exploration PDIs. This  evaluation report provides an analysis of the surveys for 2003 - 2007 and synthesis of the results.

A Case Study for NOAA's Designing Education Projects Professional Development Trainings

NOAA's Designing Education Projects Professional Development Trainings are conducted for NOAA employees and partners through an online course and in-person workshop format. As part of the trainings, a variety NOAA programs were selected as examples for the training participants to follow. These examples were described in the form of a case study. OER's education program was chosen as a case study to showcase how a NOAA program can align with the recently adopted (by NOAA's Education Council) Targeting Outcomes of Programs (TOP) Model. This case study highlights OER's education program's Professional Development Opportunities' goals and objectives and how the TOP Model (a Logic Model), Evaluation Plan and performance measures fit together and program outcomes are assessed using specific items targeting the program objectives.

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The OER's Professional Development Offerings  Logic Model and  Evaluation Plan.