Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Data Access

Geospatial data are considered a national capital asset. National policy and international standards guide data management best practices to ensure timely and broad public accessibility to these data. NOAA Administrative Order 212-15 Management of Environmental Data and Information and related Procedural Directives inform OER practices.Implementation of data management in OER is also guided by the 2000 President's Panel Report on Ocean Exploration’s recommendation for a rapid and unfettered data management and dissemination process, and by Public law 111-11 Section XII Ocean Exploration.

A partnership between OER, NOAA Data Centers, the NOAA Library and extramural partners ensures that the scientific data and information resulting from NOAA's exploration program are managed in accordance with guidance. The volume and diversity of scientific data and information collected during ocean exploration and research activities is extensive. The task force realizes a unique opportunity to develop methods, tools and techniques to standardize and automate best practices,

The OER Digital Atlas map provides an overview of OER-sponsored expeditions. The Digital Atlas is central point of access to multidisciplinary scientific data and information stored in a distributed model.

  • Ocean Exploration expeditions are displayed on a global map, searchable by year, expedition theme or via text entry.

  • The map content is updated frequently as expeditions and data sets are made available.

  • Each color-coded dot on the map enables discovery of the unique, expedition-specific collection of data and related information.

  1. Point of Content for data and information
  2. Where available:

- Downloadable data, including oceanographic,
  geophysical, video, images, and documents

- Geospatial data visualization tools

- Expedition Education Modules

- Peer-reviewed scientific publications

Contact Information for OER Data Management Program:

Sharon Mesick 
1021 Balch Blvd., Room 3030 
Stennis Space Center, MS 39529

phone: (228) 688-2256

Or submit your questions to sharon.mesick@noaa.gov